An (unexpected) psychologist stood up for Amber in court, and her acting defense was summoned as a witness. Dawn Hughesov has been told that there are a number of proven cases where Depp attacked his ex-wife. She referred you to the apologetic first sent by the actor, but first to the friends who admitted that he drank a lot.

Much stems from Mr. Depp’s obsessive fervor, Hughesov said in court. She admitted that the first time they had exchanged their exmanels showed that Amber had gone to Johnny several times, not only with harsh urgency, but so physically.

Dawn Hughesov

But there is a difference between a person and a person. Depp’s forces were intimidating and threatened his security, while Mr. Heard had no other intentions that Hughesov.

The psychologist emphasized that Amber Heard had suffered a post-traumatic stress disorder from her marriage, mainly because Johnny Depp had forced her to have sex and once had to make her empty a bottle of vodka.

There’s only a kind of psychologist here that Johnny’s freshmen summoned for a change. Shannon Curry claims that Amber does not have a post-traumatic disorder, but boasts a variety of other mental health problems.

One of them may be borderline personality disorder, which is a problem, but only among other things causes mental instability, which is driven by a hidden game of opulence.

When someone struggles to leave them with a partner or another close hunter, and at the same time they have this disorder, they will desperately try to prevent it. And these attempts may include physical aggression, Curryov said that women who suffer from personality disorder tend to attack their partner and then self-inflict.

Shannon Curryov spoke about Amber Heard.

He gave Amber a number of mental disorders, the so-called history of personality disorder.

We see extreme discomfort in this disorder, even though you are not the center of attention. The hunter is also trying to be the center of attention, and when I feel like he’s not unusual for a long time, he exchanges things to try to attract you. the person often sees himself in the role of victim or hero, said Shannon Curryov.

And what about post-traumatic stress disorder, here’s Mr. Heard. There are significant signs that the symptoms of this disorder have been greatly exaggerated when asked. From the beginning, it is about nineteen out of twenty symptoms, which is not typical even for someone with the most disabling form of post-traumatic syndrome, said the psychologist.

According to Amber, in fact, there are roughly three symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, and she probably started dating Johnny Depp at all.

Many people criticize the misdeeds of both psychologists in court, arguing that the judge’s personality can only be assessed on the basis of long-term research. Dawn Hughes claimed that she based her animals on twenty-nine hours with Amber, Shannon Curry spent twelve hours examining her love.

The dispute over whether Amber is a bit of a lazy man, or whether her psyche was upset and her horror experiences with Johnny, could therefore be resolved by Erin Falatiov, a former personal writer who has worked for several months since 2014.

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