He gave them a week away … And there were interesting events that surprised me and that I had never met before. I wrote that we are now going to the apartment with my sister and our children.

We decided to buy a television so that the children could watch cartoons in etin and we could listen to esk first to immerse ourselves in the language environment and to understand each word.

We chose the most common television, which I then ordered in an online store with a delivery house. The due date was April 27. It is interesting that nothing has been delivered to this day.

For me, this situation is definitely not critical or any life, but very special. In Ukraine, there is a lot of competition on the market and there are shops to keep them from drinking, and if there is a delay, always warn and apologize, they may offer an alternative.

Nobody here calls or warns me, and when I call to clarify the details, they say that the term has shifted, but then even the new term will not arrive. I didn’t seem to have the best deal.

Lkrna was closed

I spent the week at home with the kids. They got sick with nonsense, which is not so pleasant. Due to the fact that we live with these children and everyone is sick at high quality, they know this day all day.

As a mother who loves her children and is afraid of him, I long for the disease to endure and the two to recover. I think my mother understands.


The dog had mothers Nazar and Miron horek. The high temperature could not dream of the remaining water. I ran to the lunge, but to my surprise I didn’t find the bottom open. This gave them a new experience, even though such institutions are closed on weekends.

I was glad that my friend Elena, who lives in Polanka nad Odrou, had the necessary medicine. At least they helped the children a little. Only Nazarus sicked the birthday of Elena’s daughter Lesja due to illness.

Elena gave her a baby shower and we gave her a break and congratulations. While I’m at home with the kids, my sister Marina went to work.

Not exactly the most difficult situation happened to them on the bus recently. She was returning from work with her son Gleb, and when they got on the bus they heard from the idea: Come on!

It is not clear what provoked such a reaction. Eventually they took that bus, but Marina was very upset all day and woke him up. I am very afraid that they will never accept us. I can only guess what caused such a breeding idea …

I just want to note that we, all of us who have been forced to leave, are very grateful for the help of the Czech Republic and know who is not indifferent to it. Each of us tries to be the most useful company and the state that provided us with the letter.

Anna Rybak

I was born and Zporo citywhere to go now my birth and grandmother. We are with my family before the wolf lived in the city of Dniprowhere my husband Danil and many mch ptel now stayed.

Mm two beloved sonsTyletho Nazara and two-year-old Mirona. I studied marketing at Berdyansk University of Management and Business. I’m in front of the wolf worked for Vodafone Ukraine.

We have a job, we pay tax, we respect your culture, we study your history and language, and I think we don’t deserve such a treat. You know that most Ukrainians in the Czech Republic are people with a distance, they are working and honest and definitely do not want to hang on to anyone’s neck.

Meanwhile, the ore city in Ukraine continues, this time Odsa and my beloved Dnipro were exposed to a rocket bombing. In Dnieper, a rocket struck the railway.

Bridge as a symbol

I want to tell you about this building. My town stands on the run of the majestic river Dnpr, spreads on both crosses and is connected by seven bridges (three large and three small). The loaded bridge is not just an railway connection, along which trains run, cars, trams and trolleybuses also pass through here, and imagine what would happen if at that moment a rocket hit the bridge, when a civilian was driving a tram home from work …

Thank God there were no days of sacrifice. This bridge is significant for our city. It is a bridge that was built in 1884 by the forces of Alexander Polo, the father of the Dnipro founder. He is a legendary hunter whom the city knows.

To understand the sign of Alexander Polo for the inhabitants of the Dnieper, he is a person of the same size as, for example, Antonn Dvok. It is not just a bridge, it is a symbol of revenge, its heart and memory.

The Russian Rusk sent a blessed memory and historical heritage of the Dnieper to this bridge. Urit will win. We have our past and we will have our future, in that it will be light and fast!