He went to the recent festival in Karlovy VaryMilan Peroutka in the Campari Lounge, he was such a bombshell that the editors of Expres.cz invented the nickname festival demon, which took off even among his friends.

The traditional summer party of Prima television, where autumn news is presented, did not disappoint again. The beautiful location of the Hostiva forest park and the largest water area in Prague motivated the young actor to confirm the origin of the religious king.

It was a sample excursion. Self-shaping beauties, a black sports shirt and a dog badge worn by soldiers in the army.

Milan Peroutka

While in Vary the photographers of Expres caught him with Denisa Grossová, the daughter of ex-premier Stanislav Gross, now Peroutka spent the evening next to former colleague Nikolay Echov, known as Youtuber Shopaholic Nicol.

Milan Peroutka on the table with Nikola Echová

First, they worked together on the floor with other friends, but then they went out into the air to enjoy a romantic moment on the benches, where no one could disturb them.

Peroutka doesn’t understand much about Echo.

The YouTuber and moderator had a cigarette with her drink. It is possible that Nikola and Milan together outside remembered the time when they were hosting Sndani s Nova on the competitor Nov.

Peroutka doesn’t understand much about Echo.

From the bench, Peroutka and Echo moved to the dance floor again, where they started a creation that even the actors from the film Hn tanec would not be ashamed of.

Milan Peroutka worked on the floor like a matron made of wood.

Milan Peroutka worked on the floor like a matron made of wood.

When Peroutka wasn’t dressed up, he started chatting with another party lover, former great athlete and now moderator Roman Ebrel.

From the late photos, it is evident that the two hit it off and would easily spend the night together.

Milan Peroutka and Roman Ebrle, the two most memorable evenings

The second day I ask my conscience and I don’t feel good, Peroutka confessed

There is no hiding from Peroutka every day, which is the favorite of wild people. In a recent interview for Expres.cz, Zpvk admitted that the following mornings are worse, when the name “mornal hangover” stings.

Then he asks svdom. I don’t have a good feeling about it, after the fun and euphoria, the blues sting, Peroutka was heard showing something of his beauty to a young man on the primordial church.

What is Milan pedvd?

Judging by the photos, Milan didn’t do so much with alcohol this time. Peroutka makes no secret of the fact that he will leave even without a drink. Check out the gallery to see how he did it.