December 16, 2022, 09:23 – Public News Service – OSN

Current President USA Joe Biden is due for a second term in 2024. This is because the previous two years of his leadership “were excellent in terms of his performance.” The corresponding position was voiced by leading members of the American Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schummer. Their statement was made in an interview with CNN.

“I hope that [Байден] win re-election. He is a person with a great vision of our country, and has been solving our problems for a long time, so he is well versed in the difficulties that we face, ”Pelosi shared her opinion about the head of state. She also stressed that Biden successfully copes with his tasks even being in old age.

Chuck Schumer, who replaced Pelosi as Democratic leader in the House of Representatives, also supported Biden’s candidacy. He said that he was going to support him in the event that the politician still intends to run in the elections in 2024.

Earlier, the Public News Service reported that the United States Senate, following the House of Representatives, approved a defense budget countries for 2023. Its size amounted to 858 billion dollars.