According to their full pre-release of their eighth album, Demi lovatois already back in his musical career, because he announced his future tour throughout Latin America, Canada Y USA, titled as “Holy Fvck“, which will be released next August, however the singer revealed her drastic change of look that was recently generated.

The singer revealed in an American television program, hosted by, jimmy kimmel live, called “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”, which would have the question of why he had a wig on during the event, since it looked strange and caught the attention of the entire public, expressing that on Wednesday night, in the Platform of tiktok, I publish that he suffered a terrible accident with a glass that ended up causing a gap in his forehead.

Since he did not notice and hit his face, leaving a three-point scar on his eyebrow, so these were his reasons for opting for a wig that covered his face during interviews and eventually presentations, saying the following:

“I was picking up something on the ground that I dropped and, since I am a fan of stones, I have an amethyst that is this tall”

“I bent down to pick something up, I didn’t see the amethyst and I hit my head. They had to give me three stitches, in my face”

That is why Demi Lovato resorted to a wig, as many celebrities do, clarifying why she looked like this, to cover up and be able to attend Jimmy Kimmel’s interview, with a wig with bangs and a cut at the shoulders.

Despite the heavy blow she received, and the brand that was formed, Demi Lovato feels wonderful in her new look and is supported by many fans with her new style:

“Even so, your smile all beautiful.”

In the end, everything came to a scare and the artist managed to hide her notable accident thanks to the wig, and will be able to continue promoting the album and her new projects on the way, without any impediment.

Below is the video of the Jimmy Kimmel live interview: