Demi lovato he is back in rehab of his own accord to deal with addictions and will sadly spend the end of the year away from family and friends.

Apparently, and according to reports from sources close to the artist, it will come out in January. The highlight of this new process is that Demi Lovato herself is the one who has made the decision to enter rehab, which lets us see a much more optimistic side of herself in the fight against drug addiction.

Ex girl Disney she started using narcotics as ‘recreation’, but then became addicted and lost control. He entered a center in 2011, and when he left he did not take alcohol or drugs for six years, but later, after relapsing back to alcohol, he began to take hard drugs.

In 2018, we all saw the singer face a drug overdose that was more serious than what was known at the time. Demi Lovato suffered three strokes that left her cognitively impaired, including blindness, as well as a heart attack, multi-organ failure and pneumonia from causing her to nearly choke on her own vomit. He had been trying various drugs for several days and that night he was very close to death. In addition, they sexually abused her.

We hope you are very well and will be back soon to give us more of your art!