The popular star American He has expressed his feelings and condolences with all the ghosts who have suffered from sexism and abuse, for which he has decided to make a concert to sing to them.

As stated by the singer, she contacted the spirit of a woman named Carmen who was tied to this world by suffering for men. His voice allowed him to move on.

As many of us know, Demi lovato He has been experiencing various experiences with aliens and ghosts, apparently he has managed to connect with them and understand their needs. Through her new series Unidentified With Demi Lovato, she has reached out to them and claims to be able to communicate thanks to a special team.

This is how in one of his last episodes, he claimed to know the spirit of a woman who had suffered sexism and that is why she was tied to this earthly plane.

This is how we see her in the company of her friend Matthew Scott and paranormal investigator Chris Smith, who visited Vulture City, a town in Arizona known for being spooky. This is how, according to the 3, they connected with a spirit that had traumas related to men in an abandoned brothel.

Being like this, Demi Lovato is the one who manages to talk to her and find out that her name was Carmen, so she asked him:

“Have you seen anything like aliens here or UFOs? Star people? “

Demi continued to tell her traumas so that she could feel identified and also sang a song so that Carmen could relax.

After that, Lovato expressed that she is very moved to learn that there are ghosts that have suffered from sexism and abuse of all kinds in the world.

What do you think of such a beautiful gesture that Demi Lovato has made?