Nela Slovkov (27) started her new business. All lovers of Croatia are attracted to abka, her apartment house, which she drank the horse according to her ideas. He only looks forward to the first invitations. And go out of season, as the rest of Slovakia is under one of their naked photos.

Nela Slovkov u promotes his apartments near Croatian Primoten. The Influencer also started launching a new website, and all the potential customers and lovers of the popular Croatian team will be able to go before the start of the summer season. Don’t forget your sexy naked photo. Other erotica is the oldest and most proven advertisement, which is guaranteed to sell.

At home, out of the tourist season. Nobody anywhere, just fish sweating, Slovkov wrote a photo from ple. So up, you can also produce Eva and Adam in her house …

The promotion even took off.

Lk is what I am for.

Slovkov lk for two apartments. First, Lavender, offer space for eight people and together it will cost 180 euros per night, in the price of 560 crowns per person per night. Apartment Rozmarn is a bit cheaper, it is for six people, who this time pay 580 crowns per night for one.

Free parking and free ping-pong are available. Accessibility to the beach at a distance of about one hundred meters is about two minutes away, and tourists can enjoy the Croatian mineral water and the Moravian high school, so that they do not forget about the Czech Republic.

Nela Slovkov has an apartment house in Primoten.

The house was bought by a lover of Croatian Slovaks with a friend Luk Kozek, and the couple is already undergoing a complete reconstruction for five seasons, with the fact that they will also build a swimming pool on the plot, rent the apartment next to the apartment.

Nela Slovkov has an apartment house in Primoten.

Until recently, Nela Slovkov completed the bridges in the Czech Republic, when she announced that she would sell her Maderonkrna in Brno. As a reason, she said she couldn’t work with people. The rental apartment is sure to go better.