The issue of exemption from military service for the members of bts it was discussed again on August 2 at a meeting of the Parliamentary Defense Committee of the National Assembly. During the meeting, the head of the Military Human Resources Administration, Lee Ki-shikspoke of a “alternative service” of the group.

By law, people with special talents in the arts and sports can be recommended by the Minister of Culture for exemption active military service, but this does not include pop culture personalities.

Lee Ki-shik answered the question from the MK Sung Il-jong of the People’s Power Party on the sensitive issue, saying “we are reviewing the file ” and I add “we are reviewing the file as part of an alternative service“.

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The head of the Military Personnel Administration confided that “the sum of the feats of popular artists (to the criterion of exemption from military service) may violate the principle of exemption and is considered with caution”.

Defense Minister Lee Jong-sup urged the importance of “find a solution that does not affect correctness, fairness and the number of military personnel” and reiterated his cautious stance, explaining that “BTS members will fulfill their obligation under the flag, but there may be ways to allow them to attend concerts abroad and ensure the formation of their group“.