Actually, the artist has bodyguard is commonplace. For security and privacy, artists need a strong person who can protect them everywhere. However, the public was surprised when Deddy Corbuzier have a lot bodyguard. The reason is, so far Deddy is known as a strong artist because of his stout body.

It turns out that it’s not just one, Deddy has rented many bodyguard to protect himself and his family. Well, recently Deddy revealed the serious reason behind the decision. What do you think made Deddy willing to hire a lot of services? bodyguardyes?

Because he often gets terrible threats and Deddy Corbuzier’s life is at stake

The fact that Deddy rents a lot bodyguard certainly surprised a lot of people. With his big and stocky stature, most people would think that Deddy could protect himself from threats and attacks. Are you also thinking the same thing, SoHip?

Despite having a burly body, Deddy has serious reasons to hire a lot boduguard. When guest star on podcast Denny Sumargo, he admitted that he often received terrible threats. It’s not just blasphemy or attacks on social media comments that usually happen, but Deddy has received death threats.

“The worst thing is, I’ve been threatened to kill myself often,” said Deddy in a relaxed voice, quoted from podcast Confidence Bang Denny Sumargo, Sunday (19/6).

The threat sometimes goes through chat or phone. Even more terrifying, Deddy was visited directly by the perpetrators who threatened him. Wow! Horrible too, huh?

“There are DMs, there are people who suddenly arrive,” he said.

The threat arose allegedly because Deddy often discussed sensitive issues in the podcast-his

Deddy Corbuzier Denny Sumargo

Deddy Corbuzier guest star on Denny Sumargo podcast | Credit: YouTube Confess Bang Denny Sumargo

Can’t be denied, several times podcast Deddy did cause controversy. Some of the issues discussed in podcast-It’s quite sensitive and can’t be accepted by everyone. No wonder some people don’t like Deddy. Allegedly for that reason, Deddy received threats.

“Many things that I bring up are related to politics, religion, and various things,” said Deddy Corbuzier.

So, after producing podcast Close the Door, Deddy often gets into trouble, either from public demands or the sources themselves. One example is that Deddy several times received subpoena letters from certain parties because of the content podcast-his. However, now it is not easy to panic if you receive a summons. At first he was afraid, but over time Deddy got used to it.

The subpoena is a risk that Deddy can still face calmly. However, he was aware that death threats could come at any time. So, for the safety of himself and his family, Deddy rented a lot bodyguard to accompany and protect him wherever he goes. Even when it comes to podcast Denny Sumargo, para bodyguard-he still accompanies.