The astropsychoanalyst Solomon Solovyov tells about the increased interest in the earthly order, pragmatism and the ability to concentrate on pressing matters born on December 17 under the sign of the zodiac Sagittarius.

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Emily du Chatelet

“I heard from friends in Paris that you are here and you are in danger of being exposed. I specially rushed here with my husband to express my admiration and respect to you. We invite you to live in our castle,” such an offer was once made to the philosopher Voltaire, born on December 17 summer Emily du Chateleta well-known French writer, physicist, philosopher and mathematician.

That year, 38-year-old Voltaire only went out at night because he was hiding from the Paris police. They wanted to put him in prison for the satirical poem “The Maid of Orleans”, in which he ridiculed the authorities. Born under the sign of Sagittarius, Voltaire accepts the invitation of Sagittarius Emilie du Châtelet and lives in her castle for 15 years, befriends the mistress and becomes her lover.

With Voltaire’s money, the Marquis du Chatelet rebuilds his castle. It has a laboratory and a library. Emily and Voltaire work together in them. His plays are staged in a small theater in the castle. They hold meetings of writers, naturalists and mathematicians. “She’s a bit of a shepherdess. True shepherdess in diamonds. With powdered hair and a huge dress,” says Voltaire about Emily.

Voltaire’s muse dies of blood loss after childbirth, Voltaire will live without her for another 29 years. But he will no longer write such brilliant works that he wrote when his adviser, mistress and friend Emilie du Chatelet was nearby.

Sagittarians born on December 17 usually show an increased interest in earthly order.

Pragmatic individuals, they soberly look at the world. They are primarily interested in what is material and solid. Accordingly, all air categories – dreams, fantasies, dreams – are completely alien to them. Those born on December 17 live in the present moment and want to know how the phenomena and objects around them work.

By analogy with this, they evaluate people – by their actions and results of work. Those born on December 17 are used to trying on philosophical categories to their liking.

People whose birthday is December 17 are pragmatists who think less about motives and more about results.

For them, what is not visible does not matter, except, of course, for the goal to which their energy and creativity should be directed.

Jan Evangelista Purkyne

A Czech physiologist and anatomist born on December 17 entered history as a pragmatic physician Jan Evangelista Purkyne. The hero of today, December 17, was a laureate of many scientific awards from different European countries, a member of about 40 scientific and cultural academies and societies. He owns fundamental discoveries in the field of the physiology of vision, the senses of smell and touch, the phenomenon of dizziness and fainting, as well as the effects of camphor and opium on the human body. A number of anatomical terms are named after Purkyne: large nerve cells of the cerebellar cortex – Purkyne cells, Purkyne fibers and the Purkyne effect (a change in the perception of color combinations by the eye at dusk, discovered by him in 1825).

Joseph Henry

December 17th American physicist Joseph Henry in the 19th century was considered one of the greatest American scientists. By creating magnets, Henry discovered a new phenomenon in electromagnetism – self-induction. Independently of Faraday, Henry discovered mutual inductance, but Faraday published his results earlier. Henry’s work on electromagnetic relays was the basis for the electrical telegraph invented by Samuel Morse.

By virtue of their ability to concentrate on pressing matters, Sagittarians born on December 17 achieve impressive results without deviating from promising tasks.

If those born on December 17 have problems with communication or relationships in society, this is rather a consequence of their serious nature. In a conversation, they easily dismiss the arguments of others, considering them lightweight and meaningless. Disregard for protocol and hierarchy does not increase their chances of gaining prominence in public circles. However, for many of them, the already existing social status and recognition is quite enough.

Joseph Kheifits

This position and recognition in the world of cinema was ensured by the remarkable Soviet director born on December 17 Joseph Kheifits. The director can be safely considered one of the pillars of socialist realism in cinema. With historical depth, psychological truth, and great artistic power, Kheifits’s film “Deputy of the Baltic” shows the arrival of a prominent Russian scientist, Professor Polezhaev, in the revolution. Significant works of art of those years were his films

  • “Government Member”
  • “Big family”,
  • “The Case of Rumyantsev”,
  • “My dear man.”

Ann Golon

The French writer and screenwriter born on December 17 gained worldwide fame. Ann Golon. Fame came to her thanks to a series of historical novels written in collaboration with her husband about Angelica, a blonde-haired, green-eyed beauty-aristocrat and adventuress of the 17th century.

“Unlike many women, she could, when necessary, subordinate her actions to the arguments of reason,” Anne Golon wrote about her Angelica, thus delegating to her her own Formula of heaven.

Sagittarians, whose birthday is December 17th, still have to be wary of excessive attachment to material structures. They should cultivate in themselves the desire for elegance and grace, which will facilitate the understanding and perception of art (in particular, painting, sculpture and dance), and this, in turn, develops spirituality.

On a personal level, those born on December 17 are often looking for a partner of the same orientation.

However, they should be wary of interdependence, excessive attachment to another person. In general, the tendency to adhere to the same ideas, structures and organizations can lead to a slowdown in spiritual growth. This is especially evident when circumstances dictate the need for change and progress.

Konstantin Vanshenkin

His first poem, which was published immediately after the end of the Great Patriotic War, was born on December 17, a front-line poet Konstantin Vanshenkin devoted to the liberation of Hungary from the Nazi invaders. And already in 1951, Alexander Tvardovsky called him one of the best young poets. In total, Vanshenkin published more than three dozen books of poetry and prose. He is known to a wide circle of people as the author of many popular songs, among which

  • “Alyosha”,
  • “Waltz of Parting”
  • and “I love you life.”

We will finish today, December 17, with the formula of archer optimism and love of life from Konstantin Vanshenkin.

You rejoice and rise

In the trumpet sounds of the spring anthem!

I love you life

And I hope it’s mutual!

The most suitable partner for those born on December 17th

For love and marriage, people born on such days are best suited:

  • January: 2, 16, 18, 31
  • February: 3, 13, 18, 21, 25
  • March: 10, 12, 19, 24, 29
  • April: 3, 10, 11, 14, 18, 20
  • May: 14, 21, 27, 30
  • June: 3, 11, 14, 18
  • July: 3, 7, 14
  • August: 13, 17, 24, 28
  • September: 1, 16, 18, 24
  • October: 3, 20, 28, 30
  • November: 2, 5, 8, 13, 22
  • December: 15, 24, 31

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