December 17

Day of the Strategic Missile Forces

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“Our job is to make bombs”

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Rocket troops of the Russian Federation will be strengthened by “Barguzin”

“We must keep the US territory at gunpoint”

The one who created the nuclear missile shield of the USSR

Day of employees of the courier service

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International Day for the Protection of Sex Workers from Violence

Orthodox calendar

Memorial Day of the Holy Great Martyr Barbara. For her faith in Jesus Christ, she was beheaded in 306. In the 12th century, Princess Varvara, the daughter of the Byzantine emperor Alexei Komnenos, married the Russian prince Mikhail Izyaslavich and transported the relics of the Holy Great Martyr from Constantinople to Kyiv, where they rest to this day in the Vladimir Cathedral.

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folk calendar

Barbara. Barbarian day. Varvara Muki (tormentor). Varvarin’s day is considered an Indian holiday. Barbara is revered by pregnant women. She is a guardian from sudden death. They celebrated the end of rural work, brewed beer. “Barbara snatched the night. She sewed the day.”

Severe Varvara frosts. “Varyukha is cracking – take care of your nose and ear.” “The frosts have brewed.” “Varvara bridges, Savva (December 18) sharpens nails. Nikola (December 19) nails.” “Barbara will barbarize, Savva will salt, Nikola will shackle.”

On Barbara’s day, they put a twig at home, so that it blossoms by Christmas. An evergreen tree is a sign of eternal life. Wrapped up warmly, people went out to look at the smoke from the chimney: if it comes in a column, frost will stand, if it is nailed to the ground, a thaw will soon come. Another sure sign is the sky on Barbara’s night: starry – to cold, blind – to warmth.

Birthdays: Barbara, Ivan, John, Juliana and Uliana.


On December 17, 63, Lazarus died for the second time., a resident of Bethany, a village near Jerusalem. The Gospel of John tells how, having learned about the death of his beloved Lazarus, Christ ordered to open his crypt, to which Lazarus’ sister Martha noticed that her brother’s body was already decomposing and stinking. But Christ called the dead man with the words: “Lazarus! Get out.” He went out and lived another 30 years in strict abstinence.

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On December 17, 1538, Pope Paul III excommunicated King Henry VIII of England.

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On December 17, 1790, a stone containing the Aztec calendar was discovered in Mexico.

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December 17, 1903 – the beginning of the aviation era. In Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, the American inventor brothers Wilber and Orville Wright were the first to take to the air in the Flyer 1 aircraft they designed.

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December 17, 1915 Benito Mussolini married his former student Raquel Guidi. They had been living in a civil marriage for more than six years, and they had a five-year-old daughter. When another mistress of Mussolini began to appear everywhere as Signora Mussolini, he decided to put an end to this and officially registered the marriage with Raquel. She bore him two more sons and a second daughter, although they lived apart most of the time. The wife knew about the adventures of her husband, whom she even called “Duce” in the family, but did not raise a scandal and did not interfere in state affairs.

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December 17, 1918 – Vladimir Mayakovsky’s performance in Petrograd at the Matrossky Theater, ex. Guards crew. Here, for the first time, the “Left March” was read, written, as the poet later said, especially for this performance.

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On December 17, 1919, Albert Porta, a seismologist and meteorologist from San Francisco, for the first time predicted the end of the world for this day in connection with the so-called parade of the planets.when the six planets of the solar system were supposed to line up in a conventional straight line. According to the predictor, a powerful magnetic vortex was supposed to cause flashes on the Sun, in the flame of which all life on Earth would burn. There was mass hysteria and numerous suicides around the world. Since then, every time the parade of planets is accompanied by similar prophecies.

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On December 17, 1920, in accordance with the decree of the People’s Commissariat of Justice of February 14, 1919, the relics of St. Seraphim of Sarov were opened publicly in the Dormition Church in the town of Sarov, not far from Arzamas.

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On December 17, 1926, a coup d’etat took place in Lithuania.: the dictatorial regime of Antanas Smetona came to power.

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On December 17, 1929, the cathedral church of the Chudov Monastery was destroyed on the territory of the Moscow Kremlin.

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Saint patrons of Moscow

On December 17, 1959, after the first division of intercontinental missiles went on combat duty two days earlier, a new branch of the Armed Forces, the Strategic Missile Forces, was formed in the USSR. Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of December 10, 1995 is celebrated as the Day of the Strategic Missile Forces.

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On December 17, 1982, Tootsie was released in the US. (“Cute”) starring Jessica Lange and Dustin Hoffman.

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On December 17, 1996, Kofi Annan was proclaimed the seventh Secretary General of the United Nations.

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December 17, 1770 was born Ludwig van Beethoven (Ludwig van Beethoven), German composer.

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December 17, 1874 was born Evgenia Studenskayapoetess, translator, author of the words of the song “Our proud Varyag does not surrender to the enemy.

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December 17, 1928 was born Leonid Armor, actor, People’s Artist of the USSR, now an actor of Lenkom. It is unlikely that any other artist can be proud of creating the image of a purely negative hero, enjoying such great popularity and love of the audience as Gruppenfuehrer Müller. And until now, the artist, when asked about his favorite joke about Stirlitz, always answers one thing: “Stirlitz fired at Muller, but the bullet bounced off. “Armored” – Stirlitz thought.

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December 17, 1974 was born Nika Turbinapoet.

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December 17, 1975 was born Milla Jovovich (Milla Jovovich), American film actress and model, born in Kyiv.

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Sorrowful dates

December 17, 1847 passed away Maria Louise (Marie Louise), second wife of Napoleon I, daughter of the Austrian Emperor Franz I, niece of Queen Marie Antoinette of France.

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December 17, 1987 died Arkady Raikinsatirist actor, People’s Artist of the USSR (1968), Hero of Socialist Labor.

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December 17, 2011 died Kim Jong Illeader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

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December 17, 2011 died Cesaria Evora (Cesaria Evora), a singer from the Cape Verde Islands, nicknamed “The Barefoot Diva”. The former Portuguese colony took on the name of the Republic of Cape Verde, and Cesaria became one of her most striking musical talents.

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