December 15

Day of formation of the Radio Engineering Troops of the Air Force of the Russian Federation

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Day of Remembrance for Dead Journalists

international tea day

Orthodox calendar

Day of the Prophet Habakkuk. The Holy Martyr Avvakum was burnt for his faith in Mezen in the 17th century.

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folk calendar

If it rains on that day, it will continue for 40 days and a week.

Birthdays: Avvakum, Andrei, Ivan, John, Stepan and Stefan.


On December 15, 1666, the trial of Patriarch Nikon took place in Moscow.

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On December 15, 1791, the Bill of Rights entered into force in the United States. – ten amendments and additions to the constitution of 1787, which legislated the basic civil rights (freedom of conscience, speech and press, assembly and bearing arms).

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On December 15, 1840, the remains of Emperor Napoleon I were transferred to Paris, to the Les Invalides.

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On December 15, 1959, the state commission signed an act on the acceptance into operation of the first in the USSR military missile system of intercontinental ballistic missilesand two days later, a new type of armed forces was created – the Strategic Missile Forces (RVSN).

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On December 15, 1973, the American Psychiatric Association declared that homosexuality is not a mental illness.

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December 15, 1981 in the Kremlin, the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan, Chairman of the Revolutionary Council of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan Babrak Karmal presented Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev with the highest award of Afghanistan – the Order of the Sun of Freedom.

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On December 15, 1984, a member of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU M.S. arrived in Great Britain. Gorbachev. During the visit, the first meeting between Gorbachev and Margaret Thatcher took place.

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On December 15, 1989, a revolution began in Romania. The population of the city of Timisoara tried to prevent the forcible deportation of the Calvinist priest Laszlo Tekes, a representative of the Hungarian community. The police and troops dispersed the demonstrators with water cannons. The next day, people again gathered in the squares of Timisoara and Arad demanding the resignation of Ceausescu. The army opened fire, launched tanks and armored personnel carriers at unarmed people. More than 5,000 people became victims of the massacre. The protest movement also spread to the capital, soon spreading throughout the country. Within a week, Ceausescu’s dictatorship was swept away, he and his wife were arrested, sentenced to death and immediately executed. The fall of the communist regime in Romania was the most bloody in its consequences.

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On December 15, 1990, the Declaration on State Sovereignty of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan was adopted.

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On December 15, 2004, the sports drama “Million Dollar Baby”, directed by Clint Eastwood, began airing. In February, at the “Oscar” ceremony, the film will be recognized as the best, Eastwood will be awarded the prize for directing, Hilary Swank will be named the best actress, and Morgan Freeman will get the Oscar for best supporting role.

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December 15, 37 was born Nero (Nero), fifth Roman emperor.

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December 15, 1542 was born Ieyasu TokugawaJapanese feudal lord, founder of the Tokugawa shogun dynasty.

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December 15, 1832 born (Alexander) Gustave Eiffel (Alexandre Gustave Eifel), French civil engineer.

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December 15, 1907 was born Nikolai Nikitin, scientist in the field of reinforced concrete and metal structures, laureate of the State and Lenin Prizes. Participated in the creation of Moscow University on the Lenin Hills, the Luzhniki stadium, the Motherland monument in Volgograd. Nikitin is the author of the Ostankino television tower project.

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December 15, 1934 was born Oleg Bogatikovgeologist, academician (1991).

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December 15, 1962 was born Igor UgolnikovTV presenter, actor, director.

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Sorrowful dates

December 15, 1775 died Elizabeth Tarakanovathe self-styled “princess”, she is also the maiden Frank, Madame Tremul.

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December 15, 1845 died Mikhail LuninDecembrist.

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December 15, 1938 died Valery Chkalovpilot, Hero of the Soviet Union.

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December 15, 1966 died Walt Disney (Walt (Walter Elias) Disney), American cartoonist, father of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

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December 15, 1981 died Mikhail Zharovactor of the Maly Theater, People’s Artist of the USSR (1949), Hero of Socialist Labor (1974).

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Author Petr Deryabin

Pyotr Deryabin is a journalist, correspondent for the news service Pravda.Ru