He Prince Harry, youngest son of King Charles III of the United Kingdom, has been threatened by the terrorist group Al Qaeda, The same that has issued a death sentence and with it an order for his capture, after the Duke of Sussex confessed in his memoir ‘Spare’, who participated in the murder of 25 Afghans who belonged to the aforementioned terrorist group.

Prince Harry’s life is in danger, because the terrorist group Al Qaeda has issued an arrest warrant to end his life. His statements in his memoir book caused a lot of controversy, and several media outlets claimed that the Duke of Sussex He shouldn’t have said that for the sake of his safety.

“It was not a statistic that made me proud but it did not leave me ashamed either. When I found myself in the heat and confusion of combat, I didn’t think of those 25 as people. They were chess pieces removed from the board, the bad people eliminated before they could kill the good ones,” Harry stated in his memoir.

Now, the Afghan terrorist group has asked the British royalty to remove the protection of the youngest son of the deceased Princess Diana, to be able to find him more easily.

Referring to Harry, they called him “Al Zanim” and claimed that the monarchy should hand over the The prince to the authorities of Afghanistan, since what he did was “mock the lives of Afghans.”

“The British crown should give way to Islamic hands to take their just retribution, as crimes don’t fall by statute of limitations, and the right men run after him, and praise be to him.” To the, Lord of the Worlds».

And you, what do you think about the controversial statements made by the prince harry regarding his role with the armed forces of the United Kingdom?