January 4, 2023, 06:38 – Public News Service – OSN

According to the grandson of former French President Charles de Gaulle Pierre, Western countries have planned a “plot” against RF.

He also stressed that the biggest beneficiary of this “economic war” with Russia is the United States. America.

“The number and depth of sanctions show that all this was planned for a very long time and that this is, in fact, a real economic war that the Americans benefit from,” AgoraVox quotes him as saying.

Earlier it became known that NATO fighters located at the Lithuanian Zokniai airbase during December 15 times accompanied military aircraft of the Russian Federation. The corresponding statement was made by representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Lithuania.

The servicemen noted that the pilots of the four F-16s of the Polish Air Force were the most serious burden. Four French Air Force Rafale fighters worked at about the same level in December.

Especially many times they had to take to the air in the first days of December, from the 1st to the 3rd day of the month. During that period, these aircraft carried out six sorties. More about it read in material Public news service.