Ve velk

In the new episodes, the audience met a family living in an old house in the village of Oldichov with Helena (41), Emil (42) and children Majda (8), Mark (15) and Emil’s nephew Petr (21). Pavel (72) also goes to the house.

Both partners work with komi and have been together for three years. Due to the constant reconstruction of the house, Helena and Emil have no time at all. Helena is very tired and sorry for how their relationship looks at this moment. I want Hela to be like two again. It’s so closed, you miss Emil.

I’m full

Emil spent 10 days with Veronika (33), a mother on maternity leave. Doasn did not like it at all. I’m done with it, I have nothing to do, the kitchen was horrified during the inspection and the rest of the apartment didn’t improve the impression. And the acquaintance with the family raised the mood a bit: First feelings good, Emil looks calm and calm. Ordinary, just hunting. I think we can handle it together. So she made a good impression on the members of the new household. He seemed calm, he praised his unruly husband.

Veronika (33) tried to introduce new horses in the family and peace. You opened up to me and you took it a lot, thanked Emil for the game.

The very first evening, Veronika found out how the family drank to their house and that she is not a grandfather. I saw my grandfather in the garden, angry that he was upset. So I got out of the tractor and told him, and he wasn’t upset that we were going to help him. In the end, he decided to donate it to us when we leave him here. Emil and Helena dm renovate the year and pl, they put 380 thousand in repairs, but you still can’t see it.

The surrogate wife went to school with her children. She found out that Majda had quite good marks, but she can’t. She decided to call a teacher who had created a bicycle network for her, thanks to whom she would have an overview of what she needed to do and how to deliver bicycles. Veronika suggested to Emil that his daughter could go to a special round, but he didn’t even want to hear about it.

On the other hand, Marek’s decline was perhaps in full swing. My father told him he would end up in the baby. He admitted that they were a social worker. He doesn’t want to end up as a child, so he also prepares for the test from the ground, at least not to be full, Veronika thought to Mark.

Emil later talked about supervising the socilka. The social worker was not satisfied with how we went. When I first drank here, she told me it wouldn’t work that way. So I asked the friends who came here and helped me make peace and kitchen.

Veronica’s strength began to fade. Majda brought a threesome from the city’s usual coke. Marek also tried. Regarding the bike, I understood more than two and I’m very happy about that. I understood that I could work for myself, I told myself.

But Emil’s doubts about the future did not leave him and he revealed and gave a sad chapter in their lives. She didn’t know me, Helena was silent. We were together and I wanted to save the children in front of the child, in front of the child. But they will probably end up there anyway, because of what will happen tomorrow, he went down with apprehension.

The family went to court. Paul’s ex-wife was trying to acquire the property and intended to claim it for the first time. Emil was afraid that if he succeeded, he and Helena would lose the house, and the team would lose the children. When I think about which I got them in, I get beaten.

Collapse from stress

I thought it would be just one day, Emil wondered when he found him a day later under Veronica’s leadership. The surrogate wife changes the plaza with the help of a boy to clean the upper floor. We’ll take a little vc in the bike. We will focus on uen, she addressed the kind of demands to Maruka and Mark. The family’s reaction was favorable. Emil is really willing, and even with enthusiasm he goes and gave everything, she praised herself.

The next day, there was so much anticipated trial. Emil’s grandfather Pavel accompanied him. Dda was deprived of his probationary period for five years, Emil announced the unfortunate at first. Although they have a deadline for revocation, all the contracts that Paul signed will be annulled and the family will probably have to leave.

Emil’s situation affected him so much that he had to call an ambulance. A friend was sitting next to me, who told him the verdict and put him right about what had happened. Emil was blushing and squirmed, Veronika described the incident. The medics found that he was healthy and that the collapse could be stressed. The first one reassured the family that the situation was not as hopeless as it might seem. Emil recovered and began to reconstruct with new vigor.

Ever since I drank, the coffin has been added, the bathroom is clean, the girl is wearing a threesome, Marek is wearing a threesome, the boys have been waiting for the Veronika family for a while. That’s enough, let’s put it this way, I jumped to Emil with a laugh. Hela will stay there and you will stay here. Veronika then drove the whole family to the upper floor, where they all set out for general peace.

Maruce created a temporary wife with her own seal corner. When someone comes here to see and see the bad marks, moreover, the certainty is also not full, so they should not be surprised that they blamed themselves for them. The dog raised the house, and her daughter dressed up and the shoes and the field were Majd. Veronica’s family was visibly grateful, and Emil gave her a bouquet of flowers. You opened up to me and you really do. Thank you for teaching me, Maruka added.