Day of the first sheaf celebrated in Sarajevo district

On August 3, in the Sarajevo district, Alexey Skuratov’s peasant farm celebrated the Day of the First Sheaf. The guests of the holiday – Chairman of the District Duma Nikolai Safonov and Head of the Department of Agriculture Yuri Litvinov congratulated the farmers on the beginning of the harvest and wished them a good harvest. Together with the agronomist of the enterprise, Alexander Skuratov, they walked along the edge of the field, mowing wheat ears.

Dear guests were greeted with bread and salt, by the way, the loaf was baked from the flour of the new harvest.

Alexey Skuratov:

“The harvesting is in full swing. I hope that this year’s harvest will please us, as well as the purchase prices. I wish you all good health and good weather.”

He put on red ribbons with the inscription “Harvest 2022” to the best combine operators, and handed over the first sheaves from the field to the guests.

Grain growers were also congratulated on their suffering by amateur artists who performed several songs for the workers of the enterprise.

KFH Alexei Skuratov works on the fields of the former collective farm “Druzhba”. The company grows cereals, legumes and oilseeds. This is one of the dynamically developing farms, which makes a significant contribution to the harvest of the Sarajevo region.

In 2019, the portrait of the head of the farm, Alexei Skuratov, was brought to the regional Board of Honor of the agro-industrial complex, and the portraits of the best workers of the farm are still on the regional board.