Popular blogger, singer and TV presenter David Manukyan told what he could not deny himself during his visit to his “small homeland”.

At the White Nights of St. Petersburg festival, we talked to DAVA about his recent visit to Armenia. As it turned out, the blogger, who monitors his physical form, brought from there, in addition to enthusiastic impressions, a couple of extra pounds. According to him, it is simply impossible to refuse delicious food there. All friends, first of all, lead to the table and everyone strives to treat them with something special. And of course, the atmosphere inside the country is hospitable and hospitable.

“Throughout the day you eat – either lyulya or dolmashechka … but it’s also good that you constantly walk – it’s unusually beautiful there. Only thanks to this, I even more or less remained in shape. Armenia is a very beautiful country, all the people are friendly, they help a little. When I first arrived, I ordered a fresh drink and forgot that the cards do not work – they just treated me like that. The sales guy didn’t even recognize me. It’s just that these people, if you don’t have the opportunity, will definitely help you, ” David shared his impressions of the trip.

See what else Dava had to say in our video interview:

David Manukyan and Yulia Natyamba