January 8, 2023, 03:04 – Public News Service – OSN

Russian blogger Danya Milokhin decided to return to Russia from the United States America for the sake of participating in a corporate party for 3 million rubles, writes the Nebozhena Telegram channel.

It is known that at the tiktoker event “ordered” by a technology firm. She also paid for the star’s flight, tickets and performance, which in total lasted about 40 minutes.

Earlier it became known that Russian blogger Danya Milokhin, having fled to the United States, left serious debts in his homeland. Since August 2022, Tiktoker has not paid the administrative fine imposed by the court.

The amount of the fine is unknown. The act was drawn up by the Central District Court of Orenburg.

In the same place last summer, Danya Milokhin was fined 15,000 rubles for failing to provide a test result for COVID-19 after returning from abroad. More about it read the materiale Public News Service.