The popular Mexican artist has generated great concern about her extreme thinness, which they say is not something healthy for the artist.

Mexican singer and actress Danna Paola, popular for his participation in the Spanish series of Netflix Elite, He has massively worried his fans and other Internet users because of his great thinness in recent photos of his time on the red carpet of the Premios Juventud.

The artist’s followers were very concerned after seeing Danna on the awards red carpet and being seen in other recently released photos.

“Every day she is thinner. Are you sure you are alright?”

“She is very pretty, but, just as she is right now, I think she lost her personality, for me she was more pleasant as she was, she looked original, not like everyone else with the obsession of being ultra skinny to be seen and accepted.”

The followers of the Mexican star hope that the actress is not going through a bad moment of health, although in any case, they have expressed concern about the rapid level of weight loss that Danna Paola has already experienced in recent months.