Dangerous things in a recently purchased apartment are listed

After purchasing a secondary home, you need to urgently throw away wooden furniture, carpets and a few other interior items – they can harm the new owner. Dangerous things in recently purchased houses and apartments were listed by designer Yulia Tychino, writes BelNovosti publication.

All wooden products must be disposed of, as they can harbor insects, the expert warned. Small holes on the surface, wood dust and affected areas should alert owners.

Tychino also advised getting rid of carpets and textiles. The fabric of these products, along with dirt and dust, may contain pathogenic bacteria or particles of harmful chemicals used to poison insects. “Even fleas and other small household insects can live in other people’s carpets,” the designer emphasized.

In addition, you need to throw away upholstered furniture, mattresses and other interior items with decorative elements – they can harbor bedbugs. It is also dangerous to use household appliances left in an apartment or house, Tychino concluded.

Previously designer advised Apartment owners urgently get rid of old cast iron heating radiators – they give away the budget of the interior. The specialist recommended replacing this device with panel steel batteries or hiding it by building a special niche.

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