Relationships are in trouble, says Karel Vgner young (46), who, together with his girlfriend Simona Krainová (49) and children, went to see his brother, the well-known fisherman Jakub Vgner (40), in the Kutnohorsk region. Last year, he missed the party and apologized for family reasons, but it seems that Jakub’s newly born daughter Kaya only brought the family together. In a joint selfie with happy smiles, it’s just a flash.

Although he missed brother Jakub’s wedding, he did Karel Wegner he boasted of a joint photo he took with his favorite fish with a smile. With a model Simona Krainová they went to Katlov, where Jakub Wegner rent cabins. In the middle of Kutnohorsk there are so many fish, or there are ponds and lakes.

It’s my face, you have to see it rated by Karel on stch. According to social media, however, the family broke up, the sons of Krainov and Vgner went fishing with their uncle Jakub and aunt Claudi. This came as a surprise to many of the fans, Simona Krainov and Karel Vgner’s son loves fish, but the family relations of the Vgners have always been a problem.

The Vgner clan is, of course, hugely branched and only gets together once in a while, but some of the fans were surprised that the young Karel Vgner missed his brother’s wedding, especially when he was supposed to be in Prague.

He did not partake in Veselky for family reasons, and despite disagreements with his brother, he was seen walking through Prague at the side of his girlfriend Simona.

Jakub Vgner and model Claudi enjoyed a relaxing wedding.

Young brother Josef was also absent from Jakub’s wedding. Bad language says that the brothers don’t have the best relationship, during the time when Jakub was dancing in StarDance, Josef was completely wrong in looking at the difference between Karel and Simona.

In addition, Josef let himself be heard with the fact that he is not in contact with his brother, and Jakub was so absent from his wedding.

At least then Karel, the idiot, drank Kuba in his best and the beautiful German woman Claudia was brought into the family. Jakub recently had a baby, daughter Kaya, so it is quite possible that the new finger in the family brought the brothers together.