Tourists Ilya and Olga from Moscow decided to get married in the mountains of Dagestan, but they were almost prevented by circumstances. “Molodezhka” spoke about how the locals helped them arrange a dream celebration.

Ilya and Olga had never been to the republic before, but they heard a lot about local beauties and sympathetic Dagestanis. For the wedding, they chose one of the recreation centers in the Gunib district. We discussed the details of the holiday with the administrator of the base, made an advance payment – a little less than one hundred thousand rubles, and shortly before the expected event, it turned out that the unscrupulous worker of the camp site ran away, taking all the money for the reservations. Now the police are looking for her.

The young met a few years ago, they were brought together by chance. He is an engineer, works at the Tupolev Aircraft Plant. Olga worked as a guide for a long time. Ilya’s brother studied with Olga at the Faculty of Geography of Moscow State University.

“Two years ago, instead of his brother, Ilya went on our geographical campaign, as he already knew many of our company. There we met, – says Olga Mataeva.

When it came to the wedding, the choice fell on Dagestan. The girl had long planned to visit the region, and then there was a reason.

“As a former guide, I have a passion for organizing routes and tours on my own, but for myself. Plus, I dreamed of a wedding in the mountains, against the backdrop of water. That same recreation center was ideal in this regard. On April 30, we signed in Moscow and flew out to celebrate, ”Olga shares.

They chose a place for a wedding and an overnight stay, made a deposit, but then something went wrong.

Four days before their arrival, their driver Magomed informed them of the need to contact the recreation center. The girl called, and they said that we didn’t have a reservation, that they didn’t know anything about us, they couldn’t help in any way, and that the money would be returned sometime later.

Then Magomed decided to help the couple out and spoke about the situation in the Dagestan guides chat. People came to help.

“Despite the general support and help, for us the main savior and guardian angel is Magomed. Without him, no one would have known about us, and we probably would have disappeared. We are not the type to give up. We figured that we would have to write to everyone so that they would take tents, and that we would live like this. We are hikers, we are no strangers.

A lot of people responded to the call of Magomed in the chat. Guides, drivers, owners of guest houses began to collect money so as not to leave the newlyweds without a wedding. Olga received a lot of calls with offers of help,” says Olga.

According to the head of the travel company Gulzar Hajialiyeva, as a result of long negotiations and searches, a free guest house was found in the Gunib district.

“The newlyweds were so happy that the issue was resolved with the overnight stay, that they didn’t even ask about the conditions, the main thing is not on the street. We also agreed with the owner of the house about a small banquet dinner for 14 people. In the courtyard of this house on the eighth of May they played a small Russian wedding with a touch of Dagestan flavor. Guide Arslan volunteered to conduct the wedding as a toastmaster for free, cameraman Tagir filmed the wedding for free, Saidakhmed, the owner of a cafe on Lake Mochokh, made a gift – he paid for the editing of the video of the wedding, I provided Dagestan household items with ethnic motifs for decorating the background for the photo. And the money that was collected – about eight thousand rubles – was spent on an awning, cords, and so on, to install a canopy from the rain in the yard, ”Gulzar lists.

The hostel returned the deposit for the failed stay and the celebration. Now the newlyweds are already at home, in Moscow. They show photos to friends and colleagues and talk about their small Dagestan wedding.

“I travel a lot and constantly meet sympathetic, kind, open people on the way, I’m lucky in my life to be like that. Strangers help me, just as I help when I can. And I am very glad that Dagestan is no exception,” says Olga.