As we dive into another segment of Artists From Around The Globe I just want to give a shout out to everyone who is practicing safe distancing and taking the necessary precautions to abstain from activities that could spread the flow of COVID-19. This artist has less to worry about as Cud EastBound is located in the Yukon, in a modest town called Dawson City. They’re accompanied by two dogs “Frett” and “A Fiver.” There they have been living and creating in a region that only holds one thousand four hundred and ten people. Cud Eastbound is a Rogue Folk singer/songwriter from Dawson City, Yukon. An Outsider musician, Cud Eastbound’s songs are best described as imparting a sense of optimism despite adversity. The rawness of their lyricism and vocal style, overtop their well crafted guitar and banjo driven melodies will bring you to your greatest feelings of loss, before reminding you that you still have the opportunity to grow, learn and change.

They have been generating an ever-growing following, based not only on their abilities as a lyricist or musician, but due to their honest and often times vulnerable approach to their music and audience.

Due to COVID and location issues Cud was kind enough to answer some questions that highlight their journey to becoming a world traveling musician. Their connection to the road and the people along it can be found through their captivating and thought provoking songs. As much as it was a pleasure to have them give details of their life, it would be more so if they were one day to play round here in Texas. 

Where abouts are you from and how was life treating ya while growing up? 

“My life growing up was interesting. My mother and I moved around a lot through Quebec. My father passed away when I was two and a half, as a result my mother was left single, working nonstop while raising me as a single mother at times moving from place to place. This “ moving around a lot” I believe created a sense of innate adventure and it compelled me with the urge to travel without fear of the unknown. I learned at an early age that home is where the heart is. Once I started high school my mother and I were living In a small community outside of Montreal called Châteaugay. There is when I started a punk band with two of my best friends growing up; Brendan and Andrew. We taught ourselves how to play instruments, and realized that we were so bad at playing music that no one would book us for a show. The town in which we were living didn’t have an active punk scene, so we rallied our DIY knowledge creating our own. We organized giant shows in which we put ourselves on the bill and then had local bands play making them an all ages show. We would print tickets and posters even bringing bands in from Montreal. Giving us the push to start touring ourselves. Our amateur punk band traveled all the way out east to the Maritimes, doing tours down south all the way to Florida and back. Eventually, we all moved into a punk house in Montreal and turned it into an all ages venue, where we continued to play music. During that time I began to write my own music, acoustically, and would sometimes perform live at a punk show as an opening act. Then I began travelling around North America all the way to Australia.” 

Have the shows been what you anticipated or has it put you through the gambit?

“Performing live was a very bizarre thing in my mind to get used to as a solo musician. With a band you’re part of a family and when you mess up, which when I played in punk bands I was the worst guitarist ever, But when you mess up you have this wall of noise around you that you can lean on. As a solo musician when you mess up it can be jarring. I tend to black out when I am playing music in front of a live audience, and not from alcohol but from anxiety and fear. Some shows you leave feeling wonderful and that you’ve connected in someway that’s really beautiful. While other shows leave you feeling a brutal honesty that human beings can’t necessarily always connect.”

In conclusion the artist Cud EastBound has expressed themselves through music since they were young. Bringing about a life of traveling while making people smile from his songs and awakening the sleepiness of peoples souls to bring about a different outlook on day to day life. Currently through their site you can pre-order their newest album while also purchasing their past releases. You can find it >HERE< At MusicNewsFirst we hope to continue to follow their progress as a Canadian folk artist as they produce continuous heartfelt songs while also bringing about happiness to people around him.