Piran in Slovenia, Savudrija in Croatia, Umag, Pore and Vrsar and Friuli-Venezia Giulia in Italy. It is currently not worth paying for a holiday here. The plains in these cities are covered with translucent slime jelly and the surface is covered with a dark layer of boundaries.

In the waters of the northern Adriatic, the traditionally present two plates are kind of border, but they are rarely seen in such quantities. In addition, this abnormal mass today leads to a single species.

The current massive May border in the Croatian period is dominated by lungwort, explains Barbara Sladonja, from the Center for Invasive Species in Korea. This limit occurs naturally in our waters, gradually gaining in sweat and two of them first in this typical flowering. So now atypical. The so-called May limit, similar to reproduction, usually does not take place according to the week.

Croatian weather in Pore flooded the border.

This time, however, the layers have been below the surface since the autumn of last year, and they do not seem to be declining. One of the many pins behind the record may now be very cold. She usually reduces the number of sweaters, explains an expert on ahavka, a Moscow biologist to Ruder Bok, from the Institute in Rovinj. However, the water temperature has not fallen below the critical limit this year, so it is between.

It will be in the horseshoe by the summer. Mon.

Medzy has suffered mainly from fish since autumn, because they wrap and tear their weight st. Now there are plenty of hills on the hotel and restaurant, restaurant owners and restaurant operators. Fear that the scene of the 1980s could be repeated. At that time, the borders bloomed in large numbers, they would kind of shine. The fear of a painful momentum, which in this case may have an external course, then practically closed all the resorts in Croatia, Slovenia and Italy. It was a disaster for business.

Piransk zliv seen from the Croatian port of Savudrija (December 29, 2017)

Whether such a scene will be repeated is now being discussed among experts and lay people. Sladonja mentions that in recent years the flowering period has prolonged, but to stay afloat all spring, it has not happened yet. So it’s not possible to know when to get out of here. Their concentration in water is still very high. We can only hope that it will not last until.

life cycle limits should end in multiplicity, adds some calm Andreja Ramakov, a test tube from the Moscow biological station in Piran, Slovenia. Also in lt there should be no dn.

But she would rather not buy your purchase according to the whole time of the Trieste Strait and the Istrian period. So we can’t talk about a locality where there is more and more. They’re here. These are the plates of individuals in each cubic meter at sea level. Move up and down the water column, captivated by the currents, they cannot be avoided.

Croatia only after soui

And when does the furnace just touch? Boundaries of the ahav, and their ahav beeches can cause quite annoying pain. The invitation monho porann depends on how kind of ahavka was involved and how the city was planted. Oi, sta or genitlie mean vt problems. Complications can cause ok and allergic reactions, especially in children.

Piransk zliv le on the border of Croatia and Slovenia (June 28, 2017)

In case of ash, it pays to immediately run away and get out of the water. Definitely do not try to remove the gap with your bare hands, then wash the sown place thoroughly with running water. In case of severe pain or other problems, it is better to look for a doctor.

The infested skin of the lung, which now covers the water level in Croatian times, does not belong to these lands of dangerous second limits. It is moderately poisonous, but not deadly. Her ashes are weak, just like you are from nettles. so one hunter did not lose. But the amount in which they now occur in the north of the Adriatic would make the rest of life a gamble.