The Miss Universe 2021 has been harshly criticized for her appearance with Miss Miss Venezuela of this year 2023the reasons leave netizens in shock.

The two ladies were caught together, but despite their friendship, one of them allowed the other to look bad in front of their entire audience, which generated forceful criticism from Internet users.

And it is that since the coronation of the Miss Universe 2021the hindu Harnaaz Sandhuhas had to face offensive comments and ridicule for her appearance to this day, because at the coronation the model was the favorite of the jury and the public for her slender body.

But a few days after a new coronation, the Indian model has had a considerable weight gain, which draws the attention of all social networks, since it is not considered normal to see a miss Universe of large size, contrary to this they have always shown themselves with a fine build.

However, this time the criticism increased, since it is notorious that Harnaaz Sandhu she is not having control of her body, to the point of already looking like a pregnant woman. And although the negative comments were directed at the model, her partner also received judgments, according to what her followers say, that her intention was to highlight her and overshadow her “partner”.

This after Miss Venezuela, Amanda Dudamel I will post a picture next to Sandhuwhich his followers classified as the «worst photo» that he could choose.

Given this, several of the negative comments referred to the weight of the lady Indiabut also to the lack of empathy of the young lady Venezuela.

«I already understood why pregnant women are allowed, so as not to take away the title from MU 2021«, «Amanda killed her«, «At least you would have put a nice picture of her«, «Nobody takes away how pretty she is, but her weight, how past she is«, «Amanda always wants to stand out“, were some of the reactions.