The popular Portuguese soccer player and record for penalties scored Cristiano Ronaldo, He is again in the eye of the hurricane, since it has been revealed that he was unfaithful to his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez with a Chilean model in 2015. And to everyone’s surprise, it was the girl herself who revealed all the details of what happened.

Through his official account at Twitter, the chilean model Daniella Chavez, He confessed to his fans that he had sexual relations with Cristiano Ronaldo, something to which many have reacted controversially.

The model explained how she felt after what happened, since she knew that the Portuguese was having an affair with Georgina.

«If someone has sex with another person who is not their partner, but is a free person of mind and body without giving explanations, is that infidelity? So with Cristiano we are unfaithful? It was only sex and with permission from me, not from him! Free sex also exists, ”he wrote.

When numerous fans of the second best player in the world behind Messi, They began to fill her with comments stating that everything she said was a lie, the model confessed something even more impressive.

“I even have a video, but you can’t upload it, because it’s your privacy and we’re without clothes,” Chávez added.

The young and former bunny of Playboy, She also stated that she kept the secret for a long time, but that she couldn’t hide it anymore since many people questioned her about it.

I always denied it, I invented a lot to get out of it, but I can’t take it anymore,” he assured and also said that it was not “a big deal” and that “I know other girls who dated a very famous 10 from Argentina, if not the most” .

And you, what do you think of this new controversy that bathes Cristiano Ronaldo?