The renowned couple made up of Cristiano Ronaldo Y Georgina Rodriguez They could put an end to their relationship, and apparently the reason is infidelity, details of who the deceit is with are still unknown.

The couple began their relationship in the year 2016when ronaldo He fell madly in love with a sales consultant from gucciand from there he began his mission, which was to conquer the model of 28 years.

Over time they have had some crises and the occasional separation was rumored, but in the end and with effort they continued their relationship, however, the reason for their breakup now would be difficult to overcome.

Although at the beginning it was rumored that their separation and crisis occurred because “both were together just out of interest«This version does not agree with the true reality of the couple.

A renowned clairvoyant, respected for her accurate predictions and who has recently commented on the future of various footballers, did not forget the footballer of the Real Madrid.

The tarot cards have confirmed and expressed by mhoni Seer, Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez they would end their relationship due to indisputable infidelity.

«One of the most important things that will happen to Cristiano Ronaldo is the separation. The letter from the wheel of fortune tells me that he is definitely going to be leaving his partner due to infidelity situations, they no longer understand each other“He announced in his video posted on social networks.

In addition to this, he assured: «After the month of August or September, he retires from football as an activist and declares himself to be a coach or to be the buyer of one of the most important teams in Europe or Asia.«.

The truth is that the couple must take care of their actions if they plan to continue together, because this seer was the one who confirmed that Argentina would be the winning team of the world cup and once again he was right with his prediction.