December 17, 2022, 02:31 – Public News Service – OSN

Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson and former Secretary of State of the United States of America Henry Kissinger voiced very similar ideas about the confrontation between Kyiv and Moscow. Politicians believe that it is Crimea that is able to play the role of a bargaining chip, which will be able to start the negotiation process.

When actually considering such statements, one can understand that politicians are similarly declaring: a huge percentage of the population of the Crimean peninsula has decided to continue their life path on the territory of the Russian Federation, and the Kyiv regime has not had control over the region for an extremely long time. Journalists are wondering if there is a reason for the Ukrainian side to continue the fight.

“Using Crimea as a bargaining chip to force Putin to sit down at the negotiating table and end the conflict is just the classic “elephant that was not noticed”, that is, what everyone in Western diplomatic circles sees, but no one talks about it openly . When the US and the EU say that any prospect for peace must first of all be acceptable to Kyiv, they mean the following: Kyiv must decide whether to make concessions on Crimea, and no one can impose this on him,” reads the text of a circulated daily Italian newspaper Il Giornale publications.

Recall that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky made a statement that he was being addressed with calls to start negotiation process with the Russian Federation.

The politician separately drew attention to the fact that he sees no benefit from the communication of his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron with the head of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

As the Public News Service wrote earlier, we recall that former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in an article for the British edition of The Spectator, he reported on a turning point in the Ukrainian conflict. He believes that it should be used to achieve negotiations and avoid escalation.