Remember the robots that scare visitors to some Moscow MFCs? They have serious competitors in the zoo.

There, new mechanized creatures are called zoorobots, but in fact they are some kind of human-robot-animals. Behind the counter it is as if a person is standing, but with the face of a zebra or a panda, and everything works on mechanisms. In the paws and hooves – stands for the horns.

The robot makes ice cream, prepares drinks and distributes sweets, judging by the inscriptions on the cockpit. Screens (probably with a menu) and terminals for paying with a bank card are also located here.

Creepy zoorobots look, probably just because of the lighting in the video. But children will surely like it if such a mechanized zebra (or panda – there is one) gives out a horn.

In the “My Documents” centers, we remind you that visitors meet anthropomorphic robots Dasha and Alex. They offer help, answer questions, and offer to take selfies. But zoorobots don’t seem to talk, and for the better.

Photo and video: Bindu/Mobile Reporter