Tom Holland fans and zendaya They started the week happier than ever with the news reported by USWeekly in which they declared that the couple had officially engaged. Everyone was very happy until an insider came to clear up the rumors.

According to the reports, Tom Holland if he proposed to Zendaya in a beautiful evening, but she refused the ring. According to the insider, Zendaya was really mature and she revealed to Holland that she doesn’t feel ready to get married yet. Tom understood in the moment and decided to accept Zendaya’s decision.

For some time now, the protagonist of spider-man revealed that he wants to marry the love of his life as soon as possible and have children, he also added that he wants to retire for a while from acting to rest with his happy family, but these are not Zendaya’s plans.

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the protagonist of Euphoria She does not have the same plans, the 26-year-old woman has constantly said that her main priority at the moment is her acting career, and that is that all her efforts have paid off, winning great prizes. According to these differences, they have led the couple to take time, although neither of the two press teams have given statements.