The romance between the Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and the Spanish influencer Georgina Rodriguez It would be going through a very bad time according to several close sources, going as far as to affirm that the couple would be separating shortly if they did not fix the differences that currently exist between the two.

If we have to talk about one of the most famous and internationally recognized couples, it is undoubtedly the courtship between Christian Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez. And it is that the popular couple enjoys a huge number of followers around the world, which have made them earn everyone’s spotlight and be aware of each of their steps.

But now, the romance is going through one of its worst crises, and so much so, that even their wedding is in danger of being canceled permanently.

Although Georgina and Ronaldo continue to appear the normality of their daily lives in the social media, The lack of complicity that they have shown for a long time has caused the doubts surrounding the stability of their relationship to return.

advertising contracts and other professional commitments would be the only thing that would unite the couple right now, which for the moment, neither confirms nor denies what is currently an open secret for the users of the social media.

Cristiano Ronaldo Y Georgina Rodriguez They have had to face numerous criticisms in recent weeks, since there are many Internet users who assure that the influencer only helps to increase her husband’s ego by stating that “he is the best player and no one can equal him.”

All these comments originated after the failure of the Portuguese with his national team in the World Cup Qatar 2022, where the forward and expert in taking penalties was mostly on the bench for his team.

Maybe that bad moment that he lived ronaldo would have worsened his romance with Georgina, but for the moment, we will only have to wait for new reports, or for an official statement from the famous couple.