In the beginning, we first raised free-growing plants as a commercial screen to create privacy, but also shelter or food for various animals, describes thin Dana, how a new chapter of this country garden, which we included in the second round, began to open soute Nejkrsnj garden.

It was a good thing that the red currant trees grew in the garden and could be left to grow, and the main dominant: the ten-year-old tea tree, which, in addition to tasty fruit, provides a gentle and, on hot summer days, so much shade.

At that time, a large part of the plot was made up of classic perennials, only after a few years Mr. Dan’s garden began to lack blooming plants of perennials, biennials and annuals. And so, for the last few years, I have been gradually cutting back the perennials and in its place I have fixed hydrangeas, rhododendrons, butterfly pea and perennials, she describes in a thin book, how to bring color, nature and life to my garden.

Hydrangea pat

Of the perennials in his garden, you would mainly find phlox, daisies, aloes, sedges, willows, athina, foxgloves, rutabagas, daylilies, ukardias, sedges, oleanders, peonies and autumn asters. In the shady part of the garden, the tradition will be given to the guests, ecravs, quality and debt. And on the Pentecost rush, Mr. Dan, and not only the joy of cynias, asters, Africans and sedums.

And your garden?

Years ago, we planted two fruit trees, the second apple trees, among which there must not be missing the traditional summer, green, and winter ones. He proved himself to be an excellent flycatcher, and this year, after researching a still-unknown moth, he describes thinly how to fill and glue the garden.

After all, in addition to being ornamental, their garden naturally also has a garden with bunches of strawberries, blueberries, black currants, josts and angretas, so they can grow leeks, onions and traditional herbs. And in the back of the garden, they have a simple sitting area made of logs by the fire, where not only shoes are warmed.

Think about the interior of your garden, so there should be a feeder and a birdbath and a bath not only for birds, but also for a large number of butterflies, moths and other insects. st gardens for such a tradition don’t let them grow, and they sow and dry hay.

Hydrangea d

For me, the garden means a safe environment, a place where I can escape from the hustle and bustle of work, and which I enjoy observing in its transformations during the year. A place that for me means harmony and I enjoy constantly creating it and being part of it.

Chamber of Commerce
Wins in the game Nejkrsnj zahrada 2022

Prizes for the tennis competition were donated by Nejkrsnj garden of the Fieldmann sign. Sout is a traditional two-round game.

In the 1st round of the competition, the first player wins Calypso garden furniture set. A favorite set of garden furniture consisting of a rectangular table and those bags. The table measures 90 x 150 cm and has an opening for a sunshade. The backrest of the ergonomically shaped chair can be adjusted in 5 positions by moving the armrests.

In the 2nd round, the first player wins petrol mower with drive and 5 liter canister. The mower has a 2-stroke engine with an engine power of 2.8 kW. The 4-in-1 wheel-mounted system: collection, rear and bon throw, mulching.

For fourth and fifth place in both rounds, i.e. for a total of three members, a package of the following products is prepared:

battery life: achieves sufficient power by fully utilizing the power of the 1 x 20V battery in conjunction with the electronic dc unit

battery drill 20V: a drill with a hammer function to ensure maximum comfortable and fast drilling and woodworking without a burning cable

accumulator telescopic fence: these girls will reach adulthood without any problems, while you will be safe on earth

li-lon fast charging station 2x20V: is compatible with many machines from the FAST POWER 20V battery series. Electronic monitoring of the state of charge is typical for this type of charger, thanks to which you can immediately see whether the charge is running without problems thanks to the LED indicator. The most convenient feature of this charger is the ability to charge 2 batteries at the same time.

2x li-lon battery 20V: an extremely long service life is typical for this battery, both inside and out, and in addition, balanced performance throughout the entire life cycle together with low weight. The difference in performance when the battery is fully charged or fully discharged is minimal, especially during long-term work and in the garden and at work. Work without the memory effect, so you can charge them in any time and discharge them, it would not even reduce their capacities.

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