This year, 150 years will have passed since the birth of these choirs. In addition to two sewers with 500 meters of hoses, Krsent Hasii had a water tank, a new model for transporting rubble, 9 ebk, 16 ko, 2 hky, a non-ethnic lantern and a number of other equipment, described historian Museum of the Wallachia Region Ivana Spitzer Ostansk.

The ground was poured at the town hall. In the 1880s, the then mayor of Krsensk, Count Rudolf Kinsk, had a new armory built and a two-wheeled and four-wheeled jumper and mobile ebk built.

U in these times should have an fire alarm system. The Count had electric bells installed in the apartments of the Mezsk and Krsen church, which were controlled from the town hall. One bell meant a pore in Krishna, two pores in Between and those in the area. As a result, the function of the midnight, which had so far announced a large oven, was overthrown by Ostansk.

The firefighters not only took care of the pores, but organized dance balls, feasts and later became involved in amateur theater. The worlds of wolves were significantly involved in their activities. At first, only the association had to join the front, the rest then helped to transport the morning to the infirmary. After the wolf, quarrels began to multiply between the Krsensk and the inter-fire brigade.

The end of the animosity between the two congregations did not occur until 1935, when the Krsensk congregation was permanently attached to the intersection, Ostansk changed.

Paradoxically, the wolf worlds represented the expansion of the church. During the occupation, the fire brigade was one of the few associations that did not dare to abolish the Nazis, and their members did not have to take up their duties in i. ervenho kedescribed the historian.

The impetus for further changes in the fire brigade was the tragic birthplace of a residential house in Havov, which in 1969 claimed three lives. A new armory was built and in 1975 a professional porn form was created, on which the powers and duties of the original corps differ.

A tangible reminder of the first fire extinguisher is the steam booth of the Krsen glassworks. It was made in 1900 and you can see it in the newly opened Kinskch castle in Valask Mezi, the historian invites.