Cossacks from the Moscow region congratulated residents of Osov, Zakharovsky district, on Victory Day

On May 8, residents of Osov, Zakharovsky district, were visited by Cossacks from the Kashir community.

The village of Osovo is one of the most distant from the regional center, but it is located on the border with the Moscow region. From there, from Kashira itself, representatives of the Cossacks arrived. Every year on the eve of May 9 they go around their region, and this time they decided to get to Osov from Serebryanye Prudy.

Olga Pushkina, head of the Bolshekorovinsky rural settlement:

“When we found out that they would definitely come to us, we notified the residents, got ready, gathered the children. And so it happened, at noon on May 8, both old and small gathered at the monument to the fallen soldiers. So the Cossacks arrived on prancing horses.

“Perhaps, after Easter, May 9 is our most important holiday, he said, referring to the Osovites, Ataman Andrey Minin. – This year the Victory Day coincided with the events in Ukraine. We are conducting our campaign in support of the liberation of Donbass. This is how we express our solidarity with the Russian army and people.”

The Kuban-Kashir Cossacks have already made several trips to the places of the special military operation. They delivered humanitarian aid there, and they will do it for as long as it takes.

Organizationally, the Kashir community is part of the Kuban branch of the United Cossack Front of Russia. They take an active social position and work closely with the youth. Supporting and developing the Cossack customs, they are ready to defend their Motherland, and in their free time they will sing from the heart, show their prowess and skill. By the way, the young Cossack Dmitry Solomatin demonstrated flanking with sabers, a formidable edged weapon.

This meeting lasted for about an hour. After parting, the Osovites did not immediately go home. They danced and sang to the accordion of Alexei Simonov. Including the legendary song “Victory Day”.