January 7, 2023, 00:21 – Public News Service – OSN

Deputy Assistant to the Head of the Moscow Region United States of America refused to answer the question of whether there are funds or employees in the defense department who have the ability to read the thinking of government representatives Russian Federation.

The correspondent who asked this question pointed to an article in Foreign Policy magazine, which contains information that Moscow is worried about the fact that foreign states have the ability to “psychically attack” the government of the state.

Commenting on this topic, Cooper noted that she did not have data that could be disclosed in a similar situation.

Recall that Captain Vasily Dandykin, who retired, made a statement that the militants of the Kyiv regime would be able to strike with Sea Sparrow rocket charges only when launched from the ground.

The specialist noted that this type of weapon can be used from the water, but it is also applicable on the ground. Its main task is to counter airborne targets such as aircraft and missiles. More about it read in material Public News Service.