There has recently been a controversy in the miss Universeafter the contestant of Miss Venezuela launch hurtful comments towards several of her companions.

The event that is taking place in New Orleanslook for one of the 90 participants take the crown of this edition 2023the new one miss Universe She must be a woman of integrity in different aspects, and her mission will be to provide support to the entire world in the most necessary aspects.

Although it is not an easy task to compete with several women, the participants must show respect for their colleagues, and although the contest was going well so far, one of them sparked the first controversywhich generated discord among the rest of the girls and the general public.

The candidate who assumes the role of Miss Venezuela, Amanda Dudamelcould be at risk of losing the crown after expressing himself in a live broadcast about the appearance of the other candidates in a humiliating way.

«It is that there are some that I do not like to show, really, because they are not very nice“said the candidate, who laughs in front of the camera after her comment. Given this, millions of followers judged the comment of Miss Venezuela and asked for respect for their colleagues.

The video that has been broadcast on various digital platforms has removed prestige and favoritism from the candidatewhich until then was crowned as one of the possible winners.