January 1, 2023, 17:47 – Public News Service – OSN

Deep disagreements between Ukraine and Hungary on a variety of issues could weaken Kyiv’s position under the circumstances. This opinion was expressed by the authors of an article published on Sunday in the British newspaper Financial Times.

Author Marton Dunay believes that the EU can become a hostage of Budapest when discussing any issue that requires a unanimous decision. These issues include further assistance to Ukraine.

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Against this background, the Hungarian leadership continues to maintain close economic and diplomatic ties with Moscow, and seeks maximum relief from Brussels in any sanctions packages related to energy.

“Budapest is blocking Ukraine’s aspirations for rapprochement with NATO, demanding the restoration of the rights of minorities,” Danube recalled. In November, Hungary also opposed the invitation of Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba to a meeting of NATO foreign ministers.

Kyiv, in turn, also does not trust Budapest. About 42% of those polled in a recent study consider Hungary hostile to Ukraine.

Kuleba had earlier accused the Hungarian leadership of took Ukraine “hostage”. According to him, the reason is the fight for frozen funds, in which the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban participates.