In Ukraine, the consideration of the case on the ban of the “Opposition Platform – For Life” will continue, and in the Sumy region from today the curfew is changed

Important events on June 20 / Photo: collage: "Today"

Important events on June 20 / Photo: collage: “Today”

On Monday, June 20, consideration of the case on the ban of the Opposition Platform – For Life (OPPL) will continue. In addition, the curfew is being changed in the Sumy region.

Consideration of the case on the HLE ban will continue in Ukraine

Consideration of the case on the ban of the “Opposition Platform – For Life” (OPPL) postponed to June 20. Igor Feshchenko, an analyst of the Chestno movement, announced this.

According to him, a representative of the court informed journalists about the postponement of the meeting. The reason for the postponement is unknown.

“They didn’t let us into the HLE meeting. We were kept at the checkpoint without explaining the reasons. And then an air raid began and we were asked to go outside, since there was not enough space in the court vault,” Feshchenko said about the previous meeting.

Curfew changes in Sumy region

The curfew is being changed in the Sumy region. About it informed head of the Sumy OVA Dmitry Zhivitsky.

From June 20, it will start at 23:00 and end at 4:00.

“Follow the established rules, do not go outside during the curfew,” the head of the region emphasized.

Three branches of the migration service will resume work in Kharkiv

From June 20, the divisions of the migration service in Kharkiv will work in the Shevchenkovsky, Kievsky and Moskovsky districts of the city. About it reported on the Facebook page of the Kharkiv Oblast Migration Service.

“In these divisions, you can paste a photo, issue and receive a passport of a citizen of Ukraine in the form of an ID card and a passport of a citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad,” the message says.

Office hours: Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 15:00.

Ukrzaliznytsia appointed one additional evacuation train

Ukrzaliznytsia has published a schedule of additional evacuation trains on June 20th. The current schedule of regular trains for the next day is updated daily around 00:00 on the carrier’s website.

Schedule of evacuation trains for June 20:

  • 16:30 – 234/233 Pokrovsk – Dnipro – Lviv

Departure times may vary.

In Kyiv, the movement of vehicles on the Metro and Paton bridges will resume

In Kyiv, the city authorities promise to open the Metro and Paton bridges to traffic. As reported mayor of the capital Vitali Klitschkotraffic on these overpasses will resume from Monday, June 20.

“Darnitsky, Severny, Yuzhny, Metro and Patona will operate for auto communication between the left and right banks of the capital,” he said.

Klitschko added that the city authorities will inform about the organization of public transport, taking into account the resumption of traffic on bridges.

He urged drivers to follow the rules of the road, the speed limit, and give way to ambulances, police cars, rescuers and humanitarian aid vehicles.

Turkey will hold talks with Sweden and Finland on the accession of these countries to NATO

Turkey agreed to hold tripartite talks with Finland and Sweden on both countries’ accession to the North Atlantic Alliance.

About it informed on Twitter journalist Rikard Jozwiak.

According to Jozvyak, the meeting is to be held on Monday, June 20.

“Trilateral meeting of Turkey, Sweden, Finland at NATO Headquarters in Brussels on Monday,” the journalist wrote.