People’s Artist of the USSR Viktor Ivanovich Ivanov received congratulations on his 98th birthday at the opening of his personal exhibition

At the opening on August 2 of his exhibition “Viktor Ivanov. Painting” in the Exhibition Hall of the Ryazan Regional Art Museum on Yesenin Street, Viktor Ivanovich said about himself:

“I’m already 98, without two 100! What am I? I was once asked at one meeting who you really are: a Muscovite or a Ryazan? So: I am a 100% Muscovite and a 100% Ryazan!”

Viktor Ivanovich was born in Moscow, but spent all his childhood in the countryside. His mother is from the village of Ryassy, ​​Shilovsky district. Graduated from the Moscow Art Institute. IN AND. Surikov. And to look for himself as an artist, he came to the Ryazan region.

“We, young artists, to some extent worked on a given topic,” said Viktor Ivanovich. “We didn’t have our own topics, our own ideas. And so I went consciously in 1957 to Ryazan with an inner oath: I will be an artist at all costs! I will write only what excites me and touches my heart. And I kept my promise! All my life I have been a freelance artist!”

Viktor Ivanovich Ivanov – People’s Artist of the USSR, laureate of the State Prizes of the USSR and the Russian Federation, winner of the gold medal of the Academy of Arts of the USSR, full member of the Russian Academy of Arts, Honorary Citizen of the Ryazan Region and the Spassky District.

For many years, Viktor Ivanovich lived and worked in the village of Isadi, Spassky District. And in many of his works, he captured the beauty of Isad nature, local residents and glorified the hard peasant labor.

The exhibition presents more than a hundred multi-genre works by Viktor Ivanovich Ivanov, written by him over 60 years. He painted many pictures in the last three years. So, his work “Nikolai Kurchakov. Isadi” is dated 2022. He still continues to work actively in his workshop in Moscow. But according to tradition, he celebrates his birthday in the circle of friends and admirers of his talent in Ryazan.

Attended the opening of the exhibition of Viktor Ivanovich, Acting Governor of the Ryazan Region Pavel Malkov. He noted that the canvases of the people’s artist are significant not only for Russia, but for the entire world community.

“Your paintings are always filled with meaning. And here, in these pictures that surround us, is the whole strength of the Russian people!” – Pavel Malkov turned to the birthday man.

Viktor Ivanovich was awarded a commemorative badge “For services to the Ryazan region.”

Chairman of the Ryazan Regional Duma Arkady Fomin and Deputy of the Regional Duma Sergey Grishkov, Minister of Culture of the Ryazan Region Vitaly Popov, artists from Moscow, Ryazan residents, as well as the head of the Spassky District Olga Venevtseva, the head of the administration of the Spassky District Igor Tishin came to congratulate the people’s artist on his birthday and with the opening of the exhibition and a large delegation of Spasschans.

“Dear Viktor Ivanovich! Your work is admired by thousands of fans in our country and abroad. You have a unique talent that allows the language of fine arts to very accurately and expressively convey to society the meaning of patriotism and love for the small Motherland, to tell about the man of labor, the way of life and the spiritual and moral foundations of the Russian hinterland.

I wish you good health, prosperity, good spirits and inspiration for many years,” Igor Tishin wished the birthday man.