Competitions in national sports will be held in North Ossetia

IN North Ossetia The first republican competitions in national sports among family teams will be held. This is reported by TASS.

The tournament, which will be held on November 18, will coincide with the celebration of Jeorgub.

“The NGO “Iron Federation”, with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund, within the framework of the project “Ethnosport: from heroes to heroes” and SORODOF “Iudzinad” are holding the first republican inter-family competition in Ossetian national sports “Iudzinady Zilahar” among amateur family teams,” the statement says. message.

Competitions will be held in five sports disciplines: dur (stone throwing), chjopp (lyanga, zhozhka), ivazanta (mas-wrestling), fat and ardyn (archery), khil ivazan (pole tug-of-war). A presentation of each family and its honored representatives is also expected.

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