December 15, 2022, 19:17 – Public News Service – OSN

commander in chief Ukrainian troops, Valery Zaluzhny said that because of the destroyed energy system, the country was “balancing on a fine line.”

In his opinion, the situation in Ukraine is not easy due to damage to energy facilities.

“In my personal opinion, I am not an energy specialist, but it seems to me that we are on the verge. We are balancing on a fine line. And if you destroy it … that’s when the soldiers’ wives and children begin to freeze. And such a scenario is possible, ”the general believes.

In addition, Zaluzhny said that the RF Armed Forces are preparing reserves and plan to start a new offensive to Kyiv. He stressed that the main task of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is to hold.

According to the commander-in-chief, the offensive of the RF Armed Forces is the right military decision.

Recall that on Thursday, February 24, Russian leader Vladimir Putin, in his address to the citizens of the Russian Federation, announced the start of a military special operations in Donbass. He stressed that Moscow’s plans do not include the occupation of Kyiv, but it will strive with all its might to demilitarize Ukraine.

As the Public News Service wrote earlier, military expert, member of the Izborsk Club, Vladislav Shurygin, assessed the words Zaluzhny.

According to him, the Ukrainian general is no longer so self-confident and hopes only to contain the RF Armed Forces.