December 16, 2022, 17:27 – Public News Service – OSN

In an interview with the British edition of The Economist, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU) Valery Zaluzhny objectively assessed the capabilities of the Ukrainian and Russian armies in terms of conducting an offensive. He also admitted the risk of the operation being carried out by Belarus.

Zaluzhny called the winter months a turning point and admitted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine would not have time to prepare by that time, having received additional equipment and weapons. Dmitry Popov, a columnist for Moskovsky Komsomolets, drew attention to this.

Zaluzhny also told the truth about the situation on the front line: the Russian Armed Forces are exhausting and exhausting the Ukrainian army along the entire line of contact.

“It cannot be unequivocally said that Zaluzhny’s pessimistic assessments are a kind of signal about the readiness of Ukrainian politicians to “turn the shop”. But there is a clear hint of this,” the journalist noted.

Against this background, rumors about the “replacement” of Zaluzhny appear more and more often, Popov stated.

Earlier, retired colonel Viktor Baranets said that to pay off Ukrainian energy is one of the tasks, but the main thing is to cut the supply of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The day before, Zaluzhny announced a “new operation” that would require 300 tanks, 600-700 infantry fighting vehicles and 500 howitzers.