He did it again, the reggaeton singer Bad Bunnyhe made the mistake of throwing away his fans’ cell phones again less than a week after carrying out a similar act, for which he is being criticized around the world.

Last January 2, Bad Bunny He had a bad gesture with one of his fans who wanted to take a picture with him, apparently the artist was in a bad mood and instead of taking a picture with his fan, he picked up his cell phone and without saying a word told him. He threw himself into a water source.

Given this fact, which has been repudiated by other celebrities and fans, it is estimated that “the bad rabbit» he lost millions of fans, because they consider that he should not have behaved in that way, and to be ungrateful to those who make it possible for his music to be heard throughout the world.

However, and in the face of the wave of criticism, the singer has not taken caution with his actions, on the contrary, he continues to commit these acts. For a few hours a video has been circulating on social networks where the artist is observed in a nightclub located in Dominican Republic, while enjoying and drinking.

But when Bad Bunny He goes through the disco, without saying a word, he throws the cell phone at several people who were enjoying the party, this caused the disgust of those who were sharing with him, and they have classified him as a singer «ungrateful«.

Netizens are once again showing their disagreement with the artist and claiming that his actions could leave him with no fans and no money,”Maybe stopping listening to his music will make him reflect«, «This is already overstepping the bounds“, were some comments from the followers.