The iconic British band only has plans to release another studio album, then definitively withdraw from the music industry.

Coldplay, Founded in 1996 and debuted in general industry in 2000, its ‘expiration date’ is ready.

So he gave it to understand Chris Martin, the vocalist and leader of the band, in an interview that will be available to the public this Thursday afternoon through the radio arm of the British news network ‘BBC’.

Although the dialogue was initially framed in the Christmas special of ‘Radio 2’, everything indicates that due to the announcement of the world tour of the album ‘Music of the Spheres’ ‘compromising themes’ were played, among them the future of the group .

Martin, 44, said Coldplay will release their “last own studio album in 2025.”

“After that I think we’ll just go on tour. We may do some collaborations, but the Coldplay catalog, strictly speaking, ends then, “added the vocalist in conversation with host Jo Whiley.

Under this logic, the group that created the iconic global successes such as ‘Yellow’ ‘Hymn For The Weekend ” Clocks’, ‘Viva La Vida’, ‘Paradise’ Y ‘The Scientist’ it will reach its tenth and, then, last album in four years.

Coldplay, made up of Chris Martin, Jhonny Buckland, Guy Berryman and Will Champion, is a hugely recognized band worldwide. His latest tour grossed over $ 500 MILLION worldwide. They have garnered a huge crowd, are the 21st century debut act with the highest number of albums sold worldwide, are recognized as the top movers of modern pop rock, and have won a host of awards, including seven GRAMMY awards.