Forecasters predict further decrease in temperature. In some regions of the country, the thermometer can drop to minus 50 degrees.

Extreme temperatures will affect the well-being of even the healthiest person. However, the body can react sharply not only to abnormal cold. Some people even complain about a slight decrease in the degree outside the window, causing discomfort. If even a slight frost causes discomfort, forcing you to warm up, you should think about it and make an appointment with a doctor.

The thing is that a heightened perception of cold weather may indicate a violation of the function of the pancreas, which is responsible, among other things, for how we endure frost. Intolerance to negative temperatures is one of the symptoms of such pathologies of the thyroid gland, in which it produces insufficient hormones. Usually the cause of this is hypothyroidism or hidden hypofunction of the gland, explained the agency. “Prime” immunologist Olga Shuppo.

The expert also explained that the normal functioning of the thyroid gland is primarily affected by lack of sleep and constant stress, which prevent the adrenal glands from producing adrenaline, cortisol and corticosterone in the right amount. It is their lack that causes cold intolerance, the doctor noted.

Earlier, the network edition “Teacher’s newspaper” reported that disclosed a rare reaction of the body to the human body, as well as how distinguish allergies from SARSwhy it appears and how to deal with it. Doctors warn that many clinical manifestations of thyroid disease can be confused with diseases of other organs and systems.