Letizia pansko has these mrnc and an interesting life pbh. First to him. She was born into a not-so-rich newspaper family and a nurse. The first to decide on her father’s decision was a cret and it was a lot.

In 2000, at the charming Letizia, she received an award for the best Spanish newspaper under the age of 30. She earned it as a reporter and TV presenter at first.

She has worked for an address like CNN or Canal +. With the microphone, it was so large that it was deployed during the 11th century, and it also sent directly from Ground Zero, ie directly from Lower Manhattan, where the flow to the World Trade Center took place.

She also informed exclusively from Afghanistan about the wolf.

Queen Letizia Panlsk is high quality!

In personal life, however, it did not suit Letija so much. She married a writer and secretly miscarried before the wedding. In 1999, there was a divorce. In addition, she had to laugh at the loss of her sister, who had rushed suicide at the age of thirty.

She changed to a faith in 2002. There she met Prince Philip, the heir of the Spanish thorn. Peskoila sparked and after two years, Letizia became a princess at the magnificent royal weddings.

Panlsk krlovsk pr: Krl Filip VI. and Queen Letizia

Fans of the Panlsk Krlovsk family were enthusiastic about Letizia. Especially when she gave up the promise of a newspaper career for her prince and became the wife of a holiday.

And the sweat her husband’s father, Juan Carlos I, abdicated, so the queen.

Queen of mothers and wives

Like a king, Letizia is very modern in Spain. She never adopted the royal manra, even after the wedding she took her two children on a bicycle, even though her parental duties could easily shine on the servants.

Letizia and Philip VI. with British Queen Albta and her husband Philip.

Letizia Panlsk with British Queen Albta

For women, it is a model for many reasons. Not only as a mother, but also as a woman who did not succumb to her position and should not be afraid to compare her husband to the latter.

At the age of ninety, Letizia maintains a great figure, dietary diets, and already, there would be gossip from Spain about food intake problems. And especially I can enchant thanks to the refined copper taste.

panlsk krlovsk pr, Letizia and Filip VI.

He didn’t give a damn. As a queen, of course, it will look like a lot of long-term world designs, but Letizia can also be seen in the outfits of people’s folk groups, such as Zara and Mango.

Krlovna Letizia panlsk

No matter how much you learn here and there, even in quite ordinary leggings, you can always harmonize everything.

In order not to highlight only j, Philip VI said. is exclusively elegant. Together with Letizi, you create a pride on which you can definitely decide.

Queen Letizia Panlsk with King Philip VI.

For example, after the reigns of Prince Philip in London, they were written about as the greatest couple. They fought for the championship with the traditionally perfect couple of Prince William and Duchess Kate.

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