Co-founder of the Alisa group Andrei Shatalin died at the age of 64. He disappeared in August; volunteers searched for the guitarist.

Co-founder of the rock group “Alice” Andrey Shatalin died at the age of 64, this was reported in the official community of the musical group on VKontakte. In August, the guitarist disappeared; volunteers and the police searched for him, but his relatives did not talk about the reasons for what happened. According to some media sources, the artist had financial problems and depression.

Andrey Germanovich Shatalin. 04/06/1960 – 11/13/2023. Kingdom of Heaven. Our condolences to family and friends

group “Alice”

Shatalin is a Soviet and Russian guitarist and keyboard player, arranger, and songwriter. He is the founder of the Alice group along with Konstantin Kinchev.

The cause of the musician’s death is said to be serious illness and depression.

How writes Starhit, citing insiders, the cause of Shatalin’s death was serious illness and depression.

At the same time reportsthat the musician’s son denied his father’s depression, which was reported by the publication’s sources. He explained the artist’s absent-mindedness by unfulfilled creative plans.

The official cause of death of Andrei Shatalin, as well as the time and place of farewell to him, are not disclosed.

The musician was born in Krasnoyarsk, in 1981, together with students from the Leningrad Institute of Railway Engineers, he founded the group “Demokritov Well”, and in 1983 he became the guitarist of the new group “Alice”. He finally left its composition in 2003.

Shatalin took part in the recording of such famous albums of the group as “BlokAda”, “Shabash”, “For those who fell from the Moon”, “Black Mark”.

In August, the musician disappeared; volunteers searched for him.

August 22 this year Andrey Shatalin disappeared V St. Petersburg, information about his search was published by the LisaAlert search and rescue team. He left the house and did not return.

Police and volunteers were looking for the 63-year-old musician; two days later he was found alive. How noted Telegram channel “112”, Shatalin was depressed for a long time and experienced financial problems, he stopped working and got into debt, had a loan debt for two months.

It was reported that the musician took his daughter’s phone with him when he went to the store, the device periodically appeared online and was charged. The channel also, citing its sources, stated that the man was found in an inadequate condition.

How clarified Starhit, Shatalin’s relatives did not immediately contact law enforcement officers because they did not want to disseminate information. In the future, they also did not comment on his disappearance. It became known that the guitarist was admitted to a clinic, but there was also no information about his treatment.

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