In Nizhny Tagil, the installation of 30-meter lighting masts on the bridge under construction across the city pond has begun. The supports are put on the site of the “clover” interchange, the press service of the UMMC-Telecom company told Vse Novosti news agency.

“We have to assemble and install 10 light masts 30 meters high. So far, 5 of them have been collected. All masts are equipped with 60 LED lamps and are similar to those installed at stadiums,” said Yegor Sasin, project manager at UMMC-Telecom.

Earlier, UMMC-Telecom specialists delivered and installed 4 block transformer substations on the left-bank and right-bank parts of the construction site, completed the installation of the foundations of lighting poles and laying cable lines for the bridge and the adjacent territory.

The length of the crossing itself is 434 meters, an additional 5 kilometers of access roads were built. The cost of the largest construction project in recent decades has already exceeded 4.5 billion rubles. Recently, the bridge has received an address – it will be located on Lugansky Prospekt. They want to open the facility for transport on the eve of the City Day, and all the improvement should be completed this fall.