Toxins, which accumulate in our body for a year, make us tired and malt. The body has to expend extra energy to get rid of these toxins, which reduces the ability of our internal organs to function properly. So when we have spring peace in our homes, it is possible to make general peace in our bodies before the active summer.

Sparkling and full health

Sparkling drink from kombucha can be easily bought ready for health, but you can make it at home. Kombucha has a demonstrable effect on our durability, because it is a fermented drink, similar to brush. It strengthens the immune system, improves sleep, brain function and metabolism.

For liver regeneration

They are the first tomorrow that celoron filters all harmful and toxic substances from our pressure, and they are therefore maximally clean. The spring detox supports the absence of alcohol and the regular release of the milk thistle, which in antiquity they imposed as a drug on snake bites, ie de facto poison, and since the 17th century a member of the liver victim or depression. Bn you can knit him in the meadow with an ordinary thistle, not in vain did he call Christ’s crown. The original species occurs in the Kanr Islands and Stedomo.

Milk thistle can support liver regeneration with regular intake, so you should use it not only in spring and autumn, especially if you drink alcohol and tons of food more often. But this is how you work on depression, allergies, asthma or end problems.

Tablets are the most common form available. These should be specified according to the instructions. It is possible to buy crushed seeds, which are easy to prepare. One bar of pulp is optimal for a 250 ml medicine. Make sure that the seeds do not touch any metal during preparation, as it will deteriorate.

You can press oil from them or make a tincture in alcohol to make a tincture. The tincture is then given twice or three times a day.

I have an Inca antibiotic and detox, which comes in handy with the spring cleansing. Regular consumption will help people with horse problems, especially psoriasis, or allergies. It contains B, C, D, E and K vitamins.

Discourage vs. not just jelly sponge, igniting on the surface of the glass in which the drink arises. The first in them creates all the good by consuming sugar. In fact, it is not a fungus, but a group of gelatin, which is formed by a symbiosis of yeasts, bacterial cultures and heather.

Thanks to this, a fermentation process is emerging on the left of the sweetened black, which has beneficial effects not only on our own. The resulting taste of the drink is sweet and sour and its acidity increases slightly with the sweat bottom, after which we let the mushroom rake the sugar in the left. After a certain time limit, we can easily make vinegar from kombucha, which is suitable for salt.

Make a drink at home

You can buy Nsadu kombuchy in a healthy way, but you can try the Internet. Facebook groups today offer the opportunity to get a set of kombuches from the people in your town. Your neighbor kombucha grows you and you don’t even know about it!

If you have a kombucha, state a lot of quality black or green tea. Experts recommend ern, in which the mushroom clings. You should put at least 270 g of sugar per liter.

Only when it cools down, add about 1 dcl of liquid, ie a ready-made drink, which you buy or receive together with the sponge.

Then cover the container with a cloth or gza to prevent uncertainties from getting in, and let it stand in a warm place for about seven or ten days. Definitely do not close the airtight.

The taste of the finished kombuchy is on, but the salary, according to the mushroom in it, the darker the more sugar, and the darker the resulting drink. When you like the drink, pour it into the bottles and leave the sponge on the bottom with a little liquid, as you bought it at the arrest. With asthma, the fungus will multiply, so you can send it a few pieces again.

Store the finished drink in the refrigerator, where the cold fermentation process stops, and drink as you please. Hold on in the fridge for about three days. Top it up with fruit, such as raspberries, which add a different taste and support your fermentation with its sugar.

Kombucha is so well made in smoothies, on ice or with fresh herbs, for example with mint.